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Egyptian Cotton

The strong and unbroken yarn of Egyptian cotton results in a fabric that is flexible. 100% Egyptian cotton feels super soft and can last even longer than regular cotton. It also doesn't pill, unlike other cotton, even after many washes.

Genuine Egyptian cotton comes from Egypt
Genuine Egyptian cotton comes from Egypt. The unique climate, fiber and production process ensure the unique softness and superior quality of Egyptian cotton.

Unique climate
The fibers used for Egyptian cotton can only grow in a specific climate. The Nile Delta, with its moist, rich soil, many hours of sunshine and cool nights, offers the perfect living environment.

This enormously fertile area gives the cotton plants ideal growing conditions and provides them with a constant supply of nutrients.

Super long fibers
That extra long fiber is what distinguishes Egyptian cotton from regular cotton. This (extra) long fiber is a super strong and incredibly soft fiber. The longer the fiber grows, the thinner and smoother the fiber becomes. Subsequently, various steps in the production process provide the ideal conditions for a soft and pure top quality end product.

The purest of fabrics
Egyptian cotton is picked by hand, so the cotton fibers are chosen with great care and are less likely to break. This ultimately has a positive effect on the quality of the cotton. The cotton fibers are then combed to remove loose fibers and particles. Then the cotton is spun into yarn without any impurities.

The strongest cotton
Egyptian cotton is picked by hand, and not by machines, making them finer, without sacrificing the strength.